Monday, April 4, 2011

How do you do Kathmandu ?

Hello , my name is Eitan and i am from Israel, welcome to my blog about nepal! this will be my first post..i hope that the blog would help you to plan your trip to nepal. i came back from nepal about 3 months ago. this trip was amazing. it was my first time visiting nepal. but not the first time in asia. my plan was to traval with my cousin Galit  for 1 month. we planed to do  only  the Annapurna Circuit trek. finally i was in nepal more then 2 months!!! nepal offers to the  travaler almost everything! if nepal would have sea and beaches it could be perfect. you should love to do trekking or hiking to enjoy nepal.

we arrived on the 27th of september to Kathmandu after a very long flight. our  flight from Tel aviv to Aman took only 45 minutes :-) from amman to New Delhi it took only 5.5 hours but then we had to wait 8 hours at the transit hall in New Delhi Airport. after another 1.5 hours we arrived to Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu. i must say that the airport quite old and looks like the central bus station in one of the southern israeli cities. we got our 30 days visas and took a taxi (350 Rupee) to the Thamel. It was fun to go back to Asia. the people, the smiles, the colors and the smells ( mainlt from the tuktuks and the cars). we spent 2 days in Kathmandu and that was enough. we went to the "monkey temple" - Swayambhunath. the view from the temple is nice and many many monkeys jump around - becarefull with your food ! they would like to take it from you and they do it often. we aslo went to Durber Square which is very near the thamel.
the food we ate was quite good! i will write more about the food you can get in thamel in upcoming posts.
after 2 days we took the tourist bus to pokhara, the ride was long and intresting...

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