Saturday, May 7, 2011

good evening pokhara

yeah! indeed! it was a long ride...7 hours ?!! maybe a little bit more. it is only 200Km - in Israel you do it in less then 2 hours...but we are in nepal time. mostly israeli travalers on the bus. but also spanish couple, indian old guy that came from  kaltota and some locals as well. it took us to get out from kathmnadu almost 90 minutes. there was a huge traffic jam. the feeling was like we are standing at the same place and we will not arrive to pokhara today. the view is nice. this is the highway - prithvi. one of the most dangoures things that you will do in nepal would be taking a bus or driving on this road. PLEASE HORN is the most common sign on the back of the buses. the drivers on this road are crazy!!! by the way it is also possible to do this ride on a local bus and pay less. we paid like 300 nepali rupees each. on local bus you can pay maybe half but you will be going probably on the roof. we arrived to pokhara afternoon and went to the hotel greenland. the room was nice ( i will ad some photoes) view to the Machapuchre! and we paid 300 rupees for the room. it was the was the begining of the season - so it was cheap. when we came back from the trek the owners of the hotek were less nice and even ugly! 2 days in pokhara we did all the arrangements to the trek. TIMS and PERMIT we did at Shay agency. we also found our Great porters in that agency : Sonam and Sontus !!! best porters ever!

what else you got to do in pokhara before trekking ?

buying some Equipment! ( we brought most of the things from israel)
Food and water!

you can buy almost everything in pokhara. actually it is better and cheaper to buy it in pokhara then in kathmandu! but be aware that not everything is Original!!!!

we bought walking sticks ! ( again 300 rupees each stick ). gloves, nepali hat (we bought it in kathmandu), shirts. i bought camera bag. some chlorine for purifing. and more..

in the next post i will write about things that you must take with you to trek.

trekking in nepal - book

there 2 book that recommended for travaling in nepal.
if you are planing doing some trekking in nepal this book will be perfect: i didnt use it in the Annapurna trek but it could be helpfull if i did have it.

you can buy it on Amazon with this link.

another book that travalers uaually buy with the last one is the lonely plant Nepal.
this book helped me a lot planing m trip! but the information about trekking is not big enough to use it in the trek.